Extrema Ratio

Business Legal and Management Consulting


Extrema Ratio offers to its clients more than 10 years of intense activity done in the Gulf in several different fields with first hands exposure to all the problematics that medium size companies have to face when approaching an internalization strategy.

Management and Legal Consulting

Business set up & Business Process Reengineering

Internalization go to market strategy

The research of distributor, implementation of Local Offices, Joint Venture are the key problematics that needs to find a solution.

Accounting and Financial Support

Devoted to companies that want to approach the Middle East for the first time

Big Data Analytics Solutions

Today practices of BPR moves in the space of Digital transformation and Big Data analytics.

Business Due Diligence


Includes not only Financial Analysis but also business plan, sustainability of business plan, future aspects, corporate and management structure and legal issues


Covers future growth prospects in addition to historical data


Negative assurance i.e. identification of Risks if any